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Logik Cable Organize 1,5m , 28mm, Retail Box, No Warranty


In stock

Logik Cable Organize 1,5m , 28mm, Retail Box, No Warranty

Product Overview
The Logik Cable Organizer helps to organize your cables and wires systematically in one single cover. Ideal for bundling cables behind your PC, TV, home cinema system or your desk, for wiring looms etc. Cable wrap simply winds around the cables you wish to bundle together, no tools are required. Individual cables can enter or exit the cable wrap at any point along its length. The Logik Cable Organizer is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce messy, cluttered wiring configurations

• Organize & Hide multiple cords and wires into one neat flexible tube.
• Easy to install with the thread guide and can be cut to custom length;
• Flexible, reusable, neatly and effectively clean up cable clutter;
• Safety, protect wires from the wear and tear, prevent electric leakage;
• Harness tangled wires into a single manageable bundle.
• Quick and easy to install due to flexible construction


Electrical Wiring, Industrial Wiring, Home & Office Computers, Networking, Home theatre Systems
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How to Install?

•Open the clip organizer, and put all cables in it
•Pull the top part of organizer from the cable tidy wrap
•Move the organizer gently down straight, then can put all cables in the cable wrap
•Wrapped cables in the wire tidy wrap, and cut off the unnecessary cable wrap

•Color: Silver
•Material: Plastic
•Size: approx. 1.5m x 28mm(Length x Diameter)
•Weight: 120g

Package included:
•1 * Cable Organizer Coiled Tube Sleeve

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